GMS Counseling, LLC. has recently re-assessed, and revamped all our programing to better serve our clients. We are committed to providing top tier services to our clients while meeting their individual needs. We are also pleased to announce that with the streamlined process at our agency we can pass these savings onto our clients and have reduced our treatment prices to reflect this.  Currently our agency is also in the process of paneling with all major insurance networks we hope to be fully paneled by the end of this summer.

GMS Counseling, LLC is an approved provider on the JRI approved agency list and certified to work with substance abuse clients that are either court ordered or on state monitored probation as well as walk in self referred clients. Our agency is also now certified to provide MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy).  To further our commitment and best interest in our clients all of our programs have been moved to outcome based treatment programs, that not only further educate the client but will engage the client and help the client understand how our programs can be applied in their own circumstances. As always clients who successfully complete their treatment program may engage in aftercare services at no cost to further their success.    

Recently our agency has implemented a case management program to help further our client’s success not only in treatment but in their lives.  Case management services are free for all active clients with our agency, and they are entirely voluntary.  The purpose of case management is to help clients with job seeking skills, applying for employment, resume writing skills, housing assistance, connecting clients to needed resources such as food banks, child care etc.. and assisting clients in organizing their time.