Domestic Violence Offender Treatment

GMS Counseling, LLC is a proud member of the Utah Association of Domestic Violence Treatment (UADVT). Each of our therapist are licensed and certified through the certification process as outlined by the state of Utah.  Most recently our agency has updated our policy and programming to include the new requirements as outlined by the State of Utah.  All determinations for treatment will be made using the guidelines as set forth by the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, as outlined in the document titled Management and Treatment of Court Ordered Domestic Violence Offenders.  Our agency offers all three levels of treatment from low risk, moderate risk to high risk offender treatment.

Our agency is committed to following all federal, state and local guidelines when it comes to our treatment programming as well as all requirements set by the Utah Department of Licensing.  Below is a copy of our revised policy addressing all new Domestic Violence Offender Treatment.  Our agency has met all requirements with this document and all processes are set in place not to over reach or over prescribe treatment.  As always, our agency will provide the court a written document outlining justification of treatment recommendations. 

As required by new directives services will include the use of social learning and practice between sessions given in the form of home practice of the skill reviewed in session.  All sessions are scheduled for one hour and 15 minutes meeting the treatment guideline.  Groups are capped at 10 members per group.  Our agency will be offering this treatment multiple times during the week including both day time and evening sessions.  Should groups become full, new groups will be opened to assure clients are not placed on a waiting list and treatment can begin immediately.  Also, as required by new directives referring agents will be notified when a client accrues more than one cancellation or absence per month.  It is our agency policy to work with clients to meet scheduling needs best as possible.  Should a client not be able to attend their scheduled time, other session times will be offered to help avoid non-compliance. 

As required by the new directives our evaluation process screens and evaluates for co-occurring treatment concerns this includes screening and recommending services.  Should a client meet criteria for co-occurring treatment the justification and treatment recommendation would be included on the treatment recommendation document sent to the court post evaluation.  Client will be placed in co-occurring treatment when substance use, mental health or physical health conditions would keep client from successfully completing meaningful treatment.  As required by directive this treatment would occur prior to domestic violence treatment. 

Substance Use is screened using the ASAM criteria as required by the State of Utah JRI guidelines. As required by the new domestic violence directive those with a substance use disorder who engage in treatment will be placed on random drug testing.  Our agency follows the Federal SAMSHA guidelines on testing, client is tested on a random basis.  Testing typically occurs 2-3x per month.  Our agency uses SAMHSA approved rapid test. 

Our agency is fully licensed to treat all mental health conditions.  Should client meet criteria for mental health treatment they will be offered our services.  Should client be currently seeing a mental health therapist elsewhere coordination would be set up to allow client to continue seeing current mental health therapist prior to completing domestic violence treatment with our agency. 

Should client show a need for Medical intervention either physical or for serious and persistent mental health conditions a referral shall be made and documented.

Domestic Violence Survivor Treatment

Our survivors group is a therapeutic support group for survivors of domestic violence.  This is done in a group setting but also can include individual treatment.  Group treatment assists victims of domestic violence in understanding and recognizing various aspects of violence experienced through their relationships.  Individuals receiving this service are provided therapeutic interventions to assist them in preventing future violence related incidents, development of safety plans, self-esteem and skills building to change their situations.

This program is offered to those seeking survivor support at no cost.  If the client is court ordered to treatment they pay at regular price.  

We ask all clients to commit a minimum of 16 weeks for this service.  But all clients are welcome to come for as long as they would like.